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About Lisa – How it all started:

lisa Melrose 8 months

My love for all things patterned

The 70’s had a huge influence on my love for all things patterned, and all things bright and flowery, speckled and colourful. Who could forget the 70’s fashion? I was born in South Africa, Johannesburg, and Africa herself had a huge influence on me, with all the brightly lit sunsets and the vibrantly coloured and patterned clothing.

Around the age of 10, I started swapping patterned paper with my friends at school, where my love for all things patterned continued. What fun!

I studied art at school and this was by far my most favourite subject. And then, as an adult, I was a frequent visitor to my beloved family’s hobbies day once a month, where we would each potter away on different arts and crafts. From painting to collage, knitting, sewing to pyrography (wood burning) and oh, so many happy memories of good food and happy cheer.

My love for books and story telling

I feel the urge to honour my Granny Taylor for lovingly teaching me how to read and my dear mother who would read endless stories to us as children. My favourite memory is of my mom singing the “Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward Lear.

Another fond bunch of memories were the endless journeys to the library and devouring my way through Roald Dahl novels as a teenager. I love the feeling of being in a library and the smell of books all around me, what joy!


My love for teaching our little people, the future leaders of our world

Going back, I have vivid memories of myself as a young 4 year old lining up my dolls and ‘teaching’ them. It goes to show that it wasn’t a huge surprise when I decided to study Montessori Early Childhood Education after high school. I just loved the Montessori concept of allowing the child to Self Discover and teaching very quickly became a passion of mine. I felt a strong pull towards equipping our little people with a healthy set of life skills and emotional awareness. This later drew me to facilitating children’s workshops on emotional awareness and empowerment through fun activities.

Bringing us to today

With my love for all things patterned and colourful, art, books, and educating our future leaders in emotional intelligence, I have created this set of books and learning materials, to support children between the ages of 3 to 6, in developing their skills in perceiving, understanding and managing emotions.

I do hope that each child gains from each book as much as I have gained from creating them. What a fun process this has been!

Some of my favourite things

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream
Art Nouveau & Surrealism Art
Double sided tape
The sound of chirping birds
Happy feel good movies
Exciting new adventures
Watching the rain from under my see-through umbrella
My favourite songs: Wings of a Dove by Madness & Shiny Happy People by R.E.M.
My favourite animated movie: The Secret of Kells

super Lachlan

Thank you

There are so many wonderful people who have helped me in so many ways throughout my life, which have contributed to the birthing of this project.

My gorgeous husband, who I consider to be my superhero, was the one who pushed me, ever so gently, to complete this vision. He is a wealth of inspiration and support, with a superb eye for taking anything that one step further. Thank you Lachlan for all your love and care, and for helping me every step of the way!

Thank you to all the children who I have taught along the way. It has been a great honour to serve our future leaders in that way. It is said that we are sometimes teachers and other times students, well that is what I experienced with teaching. Thank you to all the children who were my greatest teachers.

Thank you to so many others and huge apologies if I have left anyone out. I suspect that this will be an ever growing organic living breathing list: Mom, Catherine, John, Helen, Skye, Dad, Lynne, Michael, Katherine, Helen, Arthur, Fern, Faizel, Arleen, Cinda, Ritz, Jayshree M, Kat, Odete, Jayshree B, Penny, Wendy, Julie, Megan, Debs, Alan, Malani, Linda, Jill, Sandra, Robyn & that which pervades all of us – Love.