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Getting ready for The Baby Show & Storylines Family Day

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What fun it was to prepare the stalls for The Baby Show & Storylines Family Day this year!

It was super special to meet so many enthusiastic parents, grandparents, teachers and children, who absolutely love reading books, and those that loved our vision and work! After many remarks of delight, words of encouragement, and happy new customers, we left both shows feeling motivated to finish the series and get the word out there. What fun it is to do what we love and help children at the same time. A HUGE thank you to you all for your generous support! We couldn’t do this without you! Many of you asked us how we made the tree & characters that were on display at these shows. So we thought it might be a great blog topic, so here goes…

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And so the year has begun with a bang…

Penny is just about on her way to being complete. Her story book is called Penny the Princess in the Aquarium Adventure. People often ask how I illustrated the books, so with Penny’s book nearing completion I thought to answer the many questions through telling her story of creation.

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My oh my, what a fun year this has been!

Well, it’s nearly the end of the year and much to my dismay I haven’t done much blogging this year. It has been a crazy whirlwind of a year with so much creativity and lots of exciting projects. Let’s have a wee look at what 2014 has brought to Fun Worxx.

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“This is the best book I’ve ever read.”

A huge thank you to Lola for our very first testimonial.

(A little late in putting this up on the blog, sorry Lola, but we couldn’t let the whole year go by without sharing this.)

We are so happy that you love Betty’s book!



Finally, this is me, ever so excited, because I finally have 2 books out of the set in my hands! Feels so surreal to see them together – I can get a sense of what the set will look like now. Feeling ecstatic to help children through storytelling! Getting closer to having stock – will keep you posted 🙂 Pre-orders welcome.

ronny the robot

The second book out of the Fun Worxx series, called Ronny the Robot’s Rumbling Rhapsody will be out within the next month, so I thought it might be fun to share how Ronny the character came about.  What an exciting adventure it was, creating Ronny the Robot! → Read more

The first book out of the Fun Worxx series, Betty the Bee and the Birthday Blow Out, will be released soon and I couldn’t wait to get working on the finger puppets that go with the series. This is an exciting part of the whole project as each character comes to life!

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betty bee cartwheel

When I first decided to start this process of writing and illustrating children’s books, I knew I had to start with character development. Seen as though Betty the Bee and the Birthday Blow Out was the first book to be released I thought I would share with you how Betty came to look like Betty. What a fun process this was. It all started with a few pencil drawings… → Read more