Creation of Ronny the Robot

ronny the robot

The second book out of the Fun Worxx series, called Ronny the Robot’s Rumbling Rhapsody will be out within the next month, so I thought it might be fun to share how Ronny the character came about.  What an exciting adventure it was, creating Ronny the Robot!

I knew the character had to have a strong exterior, but also be soft within. So with a lot of brain storming with my husband, we thought to create his character as a robot. Robots have strong bodies made of metal and yet can be quite vulnerable internally, because of all their wires and hardware. So a robot was our best choice.

So these are the very first rough drawings of Ronny:

Creation of Ronny pg1.1Creation of Ronny pg2.1

In the end I liked different aspects of these drawings and pulled the parts I liked together, to make what Ronny is today:

Creation of Ronny pg3.1

And finally when I added colour to Ronny, this is what he looked like:

Creation of Ronny pg4.1

Then Ronny evolved from being orange to being more of a redish colour. Here’s an image of the front cover. For more info on the little lessons Ronny learns on his adventures & potential lessons your children could learn from his story, click on this link.


ronny the robot bookcover



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