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Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

How can we benefit from having a good sense of Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional awareness (recognising emotions and developing the vocabulary to support that)- Emotions can tell us a lot about ourselves, how we cope under certain circumstances and which parts of ourselves needs a little assistance towards becoming healthier

Recognising teachable moments – This will benefit parents, teachers and carers in supporting our children in self development

Recognising decision moments – This will benefit children and adults of all ages and is directly linked to learning about cause and effect

Learning about cause and effect

Solving problems effectively

Learning how to make responsible choices

Understanding, empathy and respect – Towards oneself and others

Meeting personal and social needs

Emotional management (which in turn helps to develop behavioural management) – Learning how not to project our emotions negatively out towards others and how to positively process them within ourselves

Social management – Learning how to work in groups, constructively handle challenging social situations and developing positive relationships

Building self-esteem, self trust and an inner sense of security – When we trust ourselves to deal with painful emotions such as fear or sadness, we gain an inner sense of security, which in turn develops our sense of self-esteem