Highlights for 2014!

Nov 16, 2014



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My oh my, what a fun year this has been!

Well, it’s nearly the end of the year and much to my dismay I haven’t done much blogging this year. It has been a crazy whirlwind of a year with so much creativity and lots of exciting projects. Let’s have a wee look at what 2014 has brought to Fun Worxx.

1.  New picture book covers

The designers and I decided to ramp up the front covers a bit and this is what we settled on. We love them!

Betty’s cover needed to be blue, because it’s a gender neutral story and we felt that the pink cover was best avoided. We like the blue, it reminds us of the sky!

OLD COVERbetty the bee book cover           NEW COVER


Ronny’s cover didn’t need much. The balance felt better with the title at the top – Go Ronny go!

OLD COVERronny the robot bookcover          NEW COVER 


Ali’s cover got more movement with a larger spaceship and, of course, he wanted to be larger too.

OLD COVERali the alien          NEW COVER


Sleepy Crispin needed to be seen as sleeping during the day, hence the yellow background. His font changed to match his curly tail. Happy sleepin’ Crisp… zzzzzzz

OLD COVERCrispin the Chameleon          NEW COVER


Dezzy also had a font change and because of his very confident nature he needed some sparkles. Keep smiling Dezzy!

OLD COVERdezzy the dinosaur          NEW COVER


Isabel needed to be more icy, so we added some snowflakes. Her font was changed as well, so the title flowed nicely.

OLD COVERisabel the ice angel          NEW COVER 


Nolan really wanted to get it right and so his title moved, the green background colour changed and he was enlarged.

OLD COVERNolan the Knight          NEW COVER



Fern also wanted her background colour changed slightly and extra movement lines were added.

OLD COVERfern the fairy          NEW COVER

2.  Arrival of the activity books

What a joy to finally see all our hard work coming together in the activity books! So happy with the outcome! We have had some great feedback that kids really enjoy them!

Here is Betty’s Activity book, which can be enjoyed on it’s own or alongside the story book.  A lot of the activities focus on helping children to learn about their emotions. What fun!

Here’s a little peak in to Betty the Bee’s Activity Book.

 “Colour in Betty’s face to show when she’s patient.”


And here is Ronny’s Activity book, with a few different activities that are specific to what he learns in his story book. Again this activity book can be enjoyed on its own or alongside the story book.


Here is a little peak in to Ronny the Robot’s Activity Book.

 “Build your own Ronny the Robot.”


3.  And then the lovely finger puppets

After a lot of designing I finally knuckled down the patterns, and then after the samples were made we finally had something to work with.

So now the sweet felt finger puppets of all the characters from the story books are lovingly hand sewn by The Heartfelt Project – a group of women in Makapanstad, South Africa.

Each unique heartfelt creation contributes a donation to an HIV/AIDS and TB charity in the local community, while also helping to feed and clothe the sewing ladies and their families.

So think bright and happy thoughts for the people of Africa.

Each donation through the Heartfelt Project is one small way of filling many hearts with hope.

They can be used with the story books or as stand-alone role-playing tools.


4.  Birthday cards

Now we also have a range of birthday cards, made from the artwork from within the picture books.

For more on all our goodies, visit our shop here.

And that is a little summary of a fantastic year.

Blessings to everyone for a great festive season which is just around the corner!




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