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Ali the Alien

Meet Ali the Alien

ronny the robotHello, I am Ali the Alien. I am a very curious alien. I enjoy learning new things. I am very quiet and like being by myself. I have a few close friends at preschool, who always ask me to help them with their activities. I am good at counting and enjoy doing science experiments.

My favourite things

  • maths
  • reading
  • building things
  • collecting all sorts of interesting things e.g. rocks
  • taking things apart and putting them back together again
  • learning about all the different planets and space rockets
  • the colour yellow, because it reminds me of the sun – Did you know the sun is a star?

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Coming soon – Ali’s very own story book

Today was a special day for Ali the shy Alien. His flying machine was ready to go for its first test flight, but he quickly realises his flying machine is missing.

Ali is an inspiration to many as he learns to overcome his shyness and demonstrates how to let go of his fears and ask for help.