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Crispin the Chameleon

Meet Crispin the Chameleon

Crispin the ChameleonHello! I am Crispin the Chameleon. I change my colours a lot. I move very slowly and I am quite sleepy. I am a great friend and my friends say that I am very fair and accepting. I like everyone to be peaceful and calm.

My favourite things

  • nap time
  • lying in the sun
  • lizards & chameleons
  • soft comfortable pillows
  • dreaming
  • climbing trees
  • hugs from Mum and Dad

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Coming soon – Crispin’s very own story book

Crispin the Chameleon loves lying in the sun and always choosing to be the opposite one. Until the day of the puppet show when he realises he is missing out.

A sweet story about making wise choices.