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Dezzy the Dinosaur

Meet Dezzy the Dinosaur

dezzy the dinosaurHi, I am Dezzy the Dinosaur. I like to make friends with everyone. My friends say that I like to tell tall tales and that I am good at playing games. I am good at playing games because I practice a lot. I always make sure I look cool.

My favourite things

  • winning games
  • latest cool new toys
  • playing with my friends
  • collecting dinosaur stuff
  • smart bright new bow ties
  • the colour red, because it makes things look smart

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Coming soon – Dezzy’s very own story book

Dezzy the Dinosaur pretends to be a dragon, a big, strong, flying dragon. Until his friends ask him to fly and he learns all about stretching the truth a little too far.

This fun story is a gentle reminder to stay truthful to who we truly are.