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Fern the Fairy

Meet Fern the Fairy

Fern the FairyHi! I am Fern, Fern the Fairy. I see things in a special creative way. My teacher says I have a good imagination. I can take anything and make it into great art. I feel my feelings extra strong. I am very good at talking about my feelings.

My favourite things

  • music
  • dancing
  • anything arty
  • flying around the garden
  • collecting beautiful treasures
  • all the colours of the rainbow
  • dress-up corner at preschool

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Coming soon – Fern’s very own story book

A trip to the Zoo should be a happy adventure, but not for Fern the Fairy, who sees everything upside down.

A great way to show your little ones how to remain happy and focussed even if life doesn’t turn out the way it should.