Meet Isabel the Ice Angel

isobel the ice angelHi. My name is Isabel and I am an Angel. I am made of ice. I feel very loyal to my friends. I like to look out for my friends and make sure we are safe all the time. I feel happy when everything is in order and I feel safe when I have a regular routine

My favourite things

  • angels
  • ice in my drinks
  • my bedtime blankie
  • colouring pictures at preschool
  • being around my mum or my teacher
  • snow, making snow angels & snow men
  • things that are true, good and beautiful

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Coming soon – Isabel’s very own story book

Isabel is super organised and always makes sure she is ready for any new experience, but going to her brand new preschool is something she might not be ready for.

For those little ones who struggle with new experiences, Isabel’s courage to let go of her fearful thoughts and trust that she is safe is a good example to learn from.