Meet Nolan the Knight

Nolan the KnightHi, my name is Nolan and I am a knight. I always try to do the right thing. My teacher says I listen very well. I am very good at making sure that everyone gets a turn at games. I am neat and tidy and everyone likes that about me.

My favourite things

  • castles
  • horses
  • marching
  • the colour silver
  • keeping things tidy
  • fruit and vegetables
  • my suit of armour, boots and helmet

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Coming soon – Nolan’s very own story book

Here comes Nolan. Nolan the Knight.
He likes to make sure that everything’s RIGHT.
He eats all his veggies and helps out at night,
Because he’s a knight, and a knight does it right.

Or does he?

For those who need things just so, Nolan guides them in discovering it’s OK to make mistakes.