Meet Penny the Princess

Penny the PrincessHi, I am a princess and my name is Penny. It makes me really happy when I help out my friends and Mum. I share my treats with all my friends and everyone says I am sweet and kind.

My favourite things

  • flowers
  • plaiting my hair
  • crowns and jewels
  • performing in plays
  • making birthday cards
  • playing with my friends
  • helping animals in need

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Penny’s very own story book

Penny the Princess is perfectly helpful, always putting other people first. Until the visit to the Aquarium when she realises she is missing out.

This story will remind all little princes or princesses, like Penny, who thrive on helping others, to help themselves too.


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Penny’s activity book is now available!


Join Penny on her adventure of self discovery. Penny the Princess’s Activity Book is packed full of fun – with games, mazes and much more!

Also included – amazing activities that help young children to understand their emotions, build character and learn empathy.

Read along with Penny in the story of the Aquarium Adventure, and then play along with the activities in this book.

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