Meet Ronny the Robot

ronny the robotHello! I am Ronny. I am a big strong robot with a soft heart. I protect my friends and defend those who can’t defend themselves. Everyone says that I take charge of the games. I am a great leader. I am very confident and know what I want.

My favourite things

  • trucks
  • being strong
  • stories with hero’s
  • playing in the mud
  • jumping in puddles
  • collecting robot toys
  • playing rough and tumble games

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Ronny’s very own story book

Ronny the Robot’s Rumbling Rhapsody

Crash goes Ronny the Robot, as he dives into the ball pit, but sometimes Ronny doesn’t realise how big and strong he is.

This fun tale helps our little ones learn how to let go of their big feelings in a healthy way.


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Ronny’s activity book is now available!

Join Ronny on his adventure of self discovery. Ronny the Robot’s Activity Book is packed full of fun
– with games, mazes and much more!

Also included – amazing activities that help young children to understand their emotions, build
character and learn empathy.

Read along with Ronny in the story of his Rumbling Rhapsody, and then play along with the activities in this book.

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