Ronny the Robot’s Rumbling Rhapsody (paperback story book)


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Crash goes Ronny the Robot, as he dives into the ball pit, but sometimes Ronny doesn’t realise how big and strong he is.

This fun tale helps our little ones learn how to let their big feelings go in a safe and healthy way.

Skills highlighted in the story:

  • Letting go of trying to control others and thinking he knows what others need
  • Sharing leadership and decision making with others
  • Acknowledging that there’s nothing wrong with feeling emotions
  • Allowing himself to feel his emotions fully, let them go and move forward positively
  • Allowing himself to feel safe to show his softer more vulnerable side, without getting angry and projecting his anger at others
  • Understanding that others may not have as much energy as he does and may be tired of the game when he is not
  • To be a little more gentle at playtime
  • Self acceptance

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